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Welcome at the website of Beurskens Dental Technique

Your teeth, more than mechanics

Your teeth have a double function in your daily life. On one hand, you need strong teeth in order to break down food. One the other hand there is an esthetical aspect; a well-maintained set of teeth is part of an impeccable presentation.

As we are very aware of this, we have extensively tested our products, like bridge work and dental crowns in our dental lab. Hence you are assured that our products are compliant with present day dental technology and comfort. After all, our client base is not limited to the Netherlands.

Special Dentistry

Beurskens Dental Technique is a Dutch based dental laboratory that started in 1993. Currently we employ 14 dental technicians in our state-of-the-art laboratory. These men and women work with detail for attention and precision to come up with the best possible dental solutions.

We improve existing products to the high quality standards of today with the help of the very latest in dental technology. This is our way to assure you of the very best in the dental lab world.

Apart from crown and bridges, we also make supra structures, teeth and denture prosthesis and implants. We are your number 1 pick for every aspect of modern dentistry.

Centre of expertise

For many years now, Beurskens Dental Technique is the leading center of expertise in the Netherlands. Many oral health-care professionals consult us on a great variety of topics. From older, but still well functioning parts until the most advances technology used nowadays.

Needless to say that we are very proud to be recognized as a knowledge center, and we will continue this function as an integral part of our service.